I specialize in content strategy, social media, and public engagement. The following projects were created for the National Constitution Center where I worked from 2006 – 2012, most recently as Director of Digital Engagement. My entire portfolio – across web, film, TV, radio, and live events – can be viewed by hovering over the “Work” tab above.

Concept Developer/Project Manager/Video Director and Producer

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Address America: Your Six-Word Stump Speech was an interactive, multi-platform civic engagement project designed to coincide with the 2012 U.S. presidential election. Users could write and share their phrases online and on the walls of the museum in real-time. The Center also traveled a physical tree stump to the national party conventions to capture “man-on-the-street” video versions of the six-word stump speech.

Address America was piloted in 2009 and won the 2010 bronze MUSE Award for Outstanding Achievement in Museum Media from the American Association of Museums.


Video Director and Producer

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The GEOrge Tracker app was developed for iPhone, iPad, and Android to document George Washington’s historic return to Philadelphia for the Center’s 2011 summer exhibition Discover the Real George Washington. Accompanying the app was a physical map and life-size, cardboard George Washington cutouts distributed to partner sites throughout the region. The following video was produced to help re-trace Washington’s revolutionary path to the presidency.


Concept Developer/Community Manager

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The Twitter Convention was created in 2010 as a promotional vehicle for Constitution Day, observed every year on September 17–the day the U.S. Constitution was signed. The campaign was a virtual reenactment of the actual Constitutional Convention of 1787, with tweets from @SecretDelegate providing exclusive access into the private debates and mythology surround the drafting of our Constitution. Trading cards with biographical information of twelve delegates were distributed city-wide to help followers guess the secret delegate’s identity.

The Philadelphia Business Journal recognized this project as a winner of its inaugural Social Media Stars contest honoring the best social media campaigns in the region.

Project and Event Manager/Video Producer

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From 2007 – 2012 the Peter Jennings Project for Journalists and the Constitution brought 175 journalists representing 132 media outlets and 12 countries to Philadelphia for intensive workshops and programs designed to help them understand the U.S. Constitution more deeply. The following video was produced to attract prospective journalistic fellows and served as a cultivation tool for potential sponsors and donors.


Writer/Video Director, Producer and Editor

Runners are natural competitors, striving for a personal best or simply to lead the pack. Perhaps that explains why so many U.S. Presidents (and presidential hopefuls) have taken up the sport. In this timely video, participants and spectators of the Philadelphia Marathon answer the question: “Which requires more stamina: running 26.2 miles, or stumping for years on the campaign trail?” Read my full blog post on Constitution Daily.


Writer/Video Producer

Often Supreme Court justices–and the litigators who argue before them–capture the attention of the media, but rarely do we hear about the individuals behind America’s seminal cases. Part oral history, part legal commentary, this podcast was the first in a collaborative series between the National Constitution Center and the American Constitution Society giving voice to these ordinary people and their extraordinary stories.